Falling in Love with ADDIE

I am in love with ADDIE. Okay, maybe not love, but seriously deep like! ADDIE is acronym for an instructional design model that is helping me to pull together the pieces of my current project. I am working on a lesson for adult learners. I am amazed by how tough it can be to schedule consistent team planning. It can be especially tough when students receive special education services, ELL services, reading interventions, math interventions etc. and you are responsible for knowing where your students are academically and meeting those academic needs. Thus, my bright idea for a forum. I know that eplanbooks exist, but I wanted to try a different route. So thus my idea for a Google Classroom for my team was born. In it, we could share ideas and materials asynchronously or synchronously when possible.

Then I met ADDIE.

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Last week, I had to analyze my audience. This week I design the lesson.

The problem I foresee is how SLOW the process is for me.  I am running out of daylight.  Okay, maybe not daylight, but I am running out of school days. I don’t know how interested my audience will be in doing my lesson and giving me feedback if they are no longer the captive audience. Once the school year ends, it takes a while for teachers to want to think like teachers…

In these final days of the school year, I have analyzed my participants. They are all educators. They have varying degrees of technology savvy. None are opposed to the use of technology in instruction and all agree that planning together can be VERY challenging when the schedules just don’t line up. We share a common goal: collaboration. So with that analysis, I move on the task of designing my training. I am excited about this endeavor, and a little nervous. What if after all of my hard work, the training bombs or the participants are bored to death! Ah, the musings and insecurities of a trainer in training!

If all else fails, I do have a back up plan…

(Clip (film): Robin Hood: Men in Tights)


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