Classroom Management with ClassroomScreen

Don’t You Just Love a New (and Effective) Tool?

I am always looking for tools that make my job easier. I have tried many tools over the years to help students stay on task and have found what is truly a “golden ticket!” ClassroomScreen is an online wall of sorts and an excellent tool for your teacher toolbox.

What is ClassroomScreen?

ClassroomScreen is a quick classroom management tool created by Laurens Koppers, a teacher in the Netherlands. It is accessed via a website (no need to download anything) which allows you to easily display your ClassroomScreen for your students. It allows the user to use widgets on the screen projected in their classroom, to keep students informed of expectations and on task. The icons give visual cues and are an excellent resource for all students, but especially helpful for students who receive English Language Learner or Special Education services. I’ve created the five-minute video below to demonstrate some of the features of the website.


How I Typically Use It

I post the ClassroomScreen site so that it is up and running when students arrive. On its wall, students will find the content and language objectives for the day, a list of what we hope to complete that day, and icons that represent behavioral expectations. I have one timer to show how much time they have to finish the warm up and a second to time the first rotation. I begin the second rotation when the timer stops or start them both timers together if I plan to work with a group or hold conferences. The traffic signal represents my expectation for their use of their Chromebooks. A green light means they should be using their Chromebooks today and should have them open and in use. If one group is supposed to be offline, there would be a red traffic signal next to their station.

The image below shows a wall displayed when students arrived on a day when we did rotations.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 8.48.22 PM
My ClassroomScreen wall showing learning expectations for two station rotations

Once on the website, be sure to click the parallel lines in the upper left corner. The suggested “Tips and Tricks” listed by Laurens Koppers are fantastic ideas and worthy of a look. I love the idea of having students display a traffic signal to represent their understanding of their task or need for assistance. Students can have their own ClassroomScreen up on their computers, they can minimize the screen and use it to display their traffic signals.

Do you think you will try ClassroomScreen? Are you already using it? Have a great idea to share? Please leave a comment below! Happy Tech Tooling!



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